Saving Time by Jodi Taylor

3 Stars. Book three in the excellent Time Police series. Matthew, Luke, and Jane have completed training and are now Time Police officers. As they struggle to find their way in their new roles, Team Weird faces some seriously weird stuff. Jane has a date! This was such a fun relationship to explore as she and her ‘date’ figure out the social aspects of dating. Ghosts of the past resurface and many things are not as they seem. The Timeline and Time itself is under attack. Can they figure it out before all (literally-ALL) is lost? The plot will be hard for newbies to follow and keep track of all the people, places, timelines, and things. Fans of the series (and St. Mary’s) will have no problems and will enjoy all the diverging plot lines that twist together in the end. I gave this one only three stars because I could see this is a ‘transition’ book. By that I mean, there are a lot of set ups in this one that will hopefully make more sense when they are explored (and resolved?) in book four. Semi-spoiler: a thing that happened to two characters was overkill and was unnecessary unless it becomes important in book four. In that case I still don’t get it and I hope all will be made clear! Overall, the book was good, it was a good story; I just wanted more substance and not so much of the plot clues that will be followed as the series progresses. Did you ever read a book and think you can see how the author’s mind is working through her overarching plan for the series as you read? That is how I felt in this one. Jodi Taylor is an excellent writer and St. Mary’s and Time Police are must-read series. This book gave me a bit too much of the “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.”

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