DON’T STEAL PEOPLE’S STUFF! I use a LOT of images on my posts. Most of them are from publisher or other sites where I can quickly and LEGALLY grab the book cover, photo, or graphic I need to make my posts stand out.

There are literally thousands of OTHER graphic sites around and when I use their stuff, I stick a little caption under it that says thanks for this image and give the site or whatever attribute they are requesting in exchange for the use of it. It’s all way more simpler than this explanation!

The thing is-I’m a human and I make mistakes and overlook things or (usually) get tired and forget to go back and give credit where it is rightfully due. SO-if you see something on here that is yours, first of all-oops! I really am sorry I messed it up and no intent was made to steal your creative work. Drop me an email and I will get your credit posted (or remove your item) along with a big old apology post so all my dear readers know it’s my fault.

I CANNOT do this blog without the creative work of others and I am grateful every day when I’m running around like a crazy chicken trying to find the perfect visual to make my rambling words come together. THANK YOU TO ALL THE VISUAL ARTISTS who make all the pretty things for the rest of us!!

And let’s not mention AI-I have some posted here & there that I created on an app that I really like but how it impacts human artists is a complicated issue. I’m still trying to wrap my head around it.