Dead Silence by S. A. Barnes

4 stars. SPOOKY! This is one of the creepiest books I’ve read in a long time. The plot is Claire is the Team Lead on a beacon repair crew working way, way out in outer space. On their last mission before they are all reassigned, they pick up a weird emergency distress call. Obviously, they go investigate and find the Aurora; a luxury space liner that has been missing for twenty years. Modeled on the Titanic, it was the most spectacular ship ever built and her disappearance has captivated people ever since. Claire and her crew figure out they can claim Aurora and as the finders they get all the money, gold, jewelry, whatever is left and they will all be not just rich but “Richie Rich” rich. So far the plot was pretty basic and I wasn’t sure where it would go next then BAM, when they board Aurora the weird stuff starts and I could not put this book down. Jump scares, psychological mind game stuff, ghost stuff, violence, gore-it scared the crap out of me in many places and I loved it. Just as a pro reader tip: don’t think you can read a couple of chapters on your Kindle while you wait to pick someone up from work…it was dark, I was by myself…I had to start calling my contact list “hey, oh just sitting here, what ya up to?” just for the human contact. I scared myself and it was awesome. If you like slow burn scary, where it sneaks up on you then grab this book. The author also writes as Stacey Kade.

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