About Time by Jodi Taylor

Wowzers! Five big fat stars for book four in the Time Police series. This was so good I can’t even believe it. Let’s get into it. After the crazy plot of book three, book four stars out with a basic, boring assignment for Team Weird-hop in their time pod, jump out and grab a guy selling illegal historical artifacts. Bring him back to TPHQ (Time Police Headquarters) and home in time for tea. Not quite, dear reader. Matthew, Luke and Jane are soon in the middle of a whiz bang of a story when everything goes sideways. Their apprehension goes wrong, an officer is attacked inside TPHQ and a prisoner is murdered! When the dust settles, a secret is revealed that may destroy Team Weird forever. I enjoyed this book so much, it never let up. The plot just kept on moving and things were happening and it was awesome. If you are new to the series you may be a bit lost but any reader of this or the St. Mary’s series will feel right at home. I had said in my review of book three that I felt it was a transition book in that things had to happen to set up book four. And I was right. St. Mary’s is in this one but in a way that makes sense after the ending of book three. Make no mistake, this is a fully focused on the TIME POLICE kind of a book, our lovable St. Mary’s gang are not the stars of this one so we will be seeing a new book for them later in 2023. Now, back to About Time: Very enjoyable, worth every moment spent racing through the book. There were many plot crumbs left dangling, so maybe 2024 will lead us to book five of Time Police.

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