Finder by Suzanne Palmer

4 stars. Fergus is a sort of repo man who finds things in this most excellent space opera. Lots of world building to set up the plot. Interesting and quirky characters that have some funny quips and snark as they help/hinder/try to kill our intrepid hero. As our story begins, Fergus is on a fairly routine mission to find and steal back a stolen spaceship, then return it to its owners out near Pluto. Ah, dear reader, we already know it’s not gonna happen; what kind of fun book would that be! Fergus is a magnet for weird happenings when the cable car bringing him into the space colony explodes leaving Fergus right in the middle of a civil war complete with mysterious aliens that show up at odd times to snatch people and, only sometimes, bring them back. The far-flung space outpost setting is well done, the characters and the plot are awesome. This series has been out for a while and I’m glad it found me, they do not have to be read in order but, why wouldn’t you? This was a great book. Now, on to book two.

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