System Collapse by Martha Wells

5 stars for book seven of my favorite series-The Murderbot Diaries. The basic plot is that Murderbot is not quite itself after the events of the last book. Even so, protecting its humans is still the priority as they move colonists from a planet infected with some crazy alien scary/weird/dangerous stuff.

The twist is there is a huge corporation (as you have out in space!) that is trying to get the humans to go with them; but they aren’t nice corporate people. They brought more SecUnits with them, and their idea of ‘saving’ the colonists is to shove them into forced labor camps…but they make it sound so much nicer than that.

So, Murderbot’s humans are trying to educate the colonists, avoid the corporate people & SecUnits, and save everyone before the alien infection takes over and kills them all. Lots of fun space-y stuff with dangerous running around, shooting, fighting etc and WOW was it fun.

You ‘otter’ be reading this!! This is book 7 in the series so we know what we are getting-a whiz bang space story that is so awesome you need to get the book and read it right now! I was given a copy-this is my own opinion: I would have gladly forked over my own hard earned cash money to read this book; and anything Martha Wells writes. Fans will love it while newbies may need to read at least book six to get up to speed. But, seriously, read the whole series.

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