REVIEW: Mad River by John Sandford


3 stars.

Another swell outing with that effing Flowers.  Plot summary can be wrapped up short & sweet:  3 young killers on a crime spree in Minnesota with much more to the story than just that!  Good interaction between the kids & Virgil that is interesting and reveals quite a bit about him as well as them.

Sandford is still solid and the story swept along with only a few missteps.

One weird phone call to his mom that had me scratching my head-does Virgil kiss his mom with that mouth?  There was a closer look at Virgil’s dad that sort of put Virgil into perspective.  I enjoyed the fleshing out of their family back story a little bit.

The main plot was good-choppy vignettes of violent action interspersed with humor here & there.  There are good cops, bad cops, hot chicks, beatings, sexual ‘stuff’, car chases, introspection and a nice plot device to look inside the killers’ minds.  Sandford writes like a slow moving train:  you know where you’re going with this engineer & conductor but the weird scenery along the way is always changing!

The one main thing that dropped my rating to 3:
There was a min plot twist near the end that had me shaking my head WTHeck?  I felt like Sandford had a really good idea for a story but it didn’t fit a Davenport story, wasn’t enough for a standalone book and really didn’t match Virgil but with a little tweaking it could maybe-kind of-sort of-a little bit, fit into this book?

Not a 4/5 star by any means but a decent 3 star read.  Looking forward to the next one in the series.

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