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Another mid-week reading slump so I’m thinking we should look ahead to some upcoming releases:

 Untitled by George W. Bush

Everywhere I go, someone is talking about this book!  The biography of former President George H. W. Bush by his son, former President George W. Bush.  It is supposed to be an exhaustive look at President Bush from his military service in World War II through his Congressional time, CIA time then into his White House service, first as Vice President and then his years as President.  This should be a good book, since who knows you better than your kids?  Or at least they know all the dirt and maybe some good gossipy stuff will slip out!  Probably not, the Bush family is a class act so this should be a pretty straightforward and respectful biography by a son who dearly loves his father.  Can’t wait for my copy; I’m pre-ordering from Amazon to make sure I get it when it is released on November 11th.

The West Point History of the Civil War by The United States Military Academy

Release date:  October 13th.  This weighty tome is right up your alley if you are a Civil War or military history buff.  The book is authorized and was commissioned by the United States Military Academy at West Point to teach the art of war to cadets.  There are maps, charts and pictures that offer the best analysis of military history and decision making available anywhere.  The book has been in the works for over two years.  I think anyone who is fascinated by the Civil War from any side, will want to add this book to their collection.  It does have a hefty price tag:  $29.65 for the Kindle version or $32.21 for hardcover.  This is one time I think I would rather have the hardback just for the ease of reading all those maps!

Did She Kill Him?:  A Victorian tale of Deception, Adultery, and Arsenic by Kate Colquhoun

Will be released October 16th and available for pre-order from Amazon for $11.99.  The story of Florence Maybrick shows up from time to time on the late night ‘whodunit’ type tv shows.  Florence, a lovely Southern belle is accused of murdering her (much) older, and extremely wealthy husband James with arsenic.  If the murder is shocking, the behind the scenes story is sensational:  infidelity, addiction, it all leads up to Florence’s likeness on display at Madame Tussaud’s!  The book is described as “utterly absorbing”-I can’t wait to read this one.


A High-End Finish       A Dog Gone Murder            On Borrowed Time

by Kate Carlisle          by Elaine Viets                     by Jenn McKinlay

On a decidedly lighter note!!  These three great new cozy mysteries will be released on November 4th. I have read many many books by these authors-always a good read, with funny ‘real’ characters.  The mysteries are light and everything is wrapped up nicely in the end.  These are at the, well near the, top of my every expanding to-be-read list!  So many books, so little time …sigh…

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