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Public domain book lists are a treasure trove of good reading.  From well-known authors such as Agatha Christie and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to authors you may not have ever encountered, PD books are a great and FREE way to expand your to-be-read list.  Today I have some of my PD favorites that you really “Otter” be reading!!  They are all available on the website.

threemen boat

Three Men in a Boat by Jerome K. Jerome

HILARIOUS!  Three young men take a boating holiday on the Thames with Montmorency the dog.  This is a classic comic novel that will have you laughing out loud; it’s one of my favorite books.



Memoirs of Gen. William T. Sherman-Volume 1 by General William T. (Tecumseh) Sherman

General Sherman and his infamous march through Georgia are familiar to anyone with an interest in American/Civil War history.  Volume 1 of his memoirs is his account of his early life and military career. There are some really interesting bits about Florida & California, first hand accounts from his time in those areas.  It is a bit of a slog but if you stick with it, I think you might find it fascinating; I certainly did!



McClure’s Magazine, Vol 1., No. 1, June 1893

I tried to find a photo of the cover of a McClure’s Magazine but somehow the photos are NOT in the Public Domain, and that is why intellectual property law gives me migraines!  But it’s a nice little Bon Ami ad that appeared in McClure’s so there you go.

McClure’s has several issues on the site including one from June 1893 that has a very nice write up on Thomas Edison.  Yes, THAT, Edison!  The second part of the article is an interview with Alexander Graham Bell-yep, HIM!

What I most want to give you is the realization that, while new shiny books are great, there is a world of publications out there.  I buy more books than my budget allows 🙂 but I also enjoy sitting down with an old book and immersing myself in that bit of the world.  Maybe history buffs will be more excited about PD books but I honestly think there is a PD book for every taste.

Join us tomorrow when the KIDS take over for a Throwback Thursday look at new books available from the elementary school book sale flyer-remember those?  In the meantime, enjoy your search for an interesting PD book that you “Otter” be reading!!

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  1. Public Domain is a great way to add to your reading. And I love vintage ads. 🙂

    Life With Lorelai

    1. Author

      LOL I was on the Google image search for WAY longer than I should have been just scrolling through old ads trying to find something to use for my post!! If I was crafty 😉 I would print out some of the free use ones and do a decoupage project or maybe a poster thing for the kids’ rooms.

      1. I fell in love with them when my son had a 1920’s magazine school project. I could have still been “researching” if I didn’t have to drive carpool ! 😀

        1. Author

          Oh, I know-my kids hate to show me their school projects because I get SO into them and totally take over. I always find so many interesting little things they could add but, alas, they want to ‘stick to the project parameters and focus, Mom’! Sometimes I wonder who these children are!!

    1. Author

      I was looking for a specific book from the 1800’s and somehow stumbled upon My reading list exploded! SO many great books just waiting for readers to discover them!!

  2. I will never, ever be done reading. I have 3 books I’m working through now and you just added! Yikes! I love PD books too. One of my favorite books is one written in 1920 that I found for free. It was a murder mystery.

    1. Author

      Those old mystery books are wonderful. I love the formal writing style and all the old-fashioned words we don’t use anymore. The best part is when you use them in conversation and nobody knows what the heck you’re talking about!!

      1. GUILTY! I was the kid who read the thesaurus for fun. People constantly ask me what words I use mean.

        1. Author

          I had a teacher in junior high that had a HUGE dictionary in the back of the room on its own bookstand. I loved to go back there and flip through the pages, until she caught on that I didn’t need to look up anything in particular I was just noodling around learning stuff!

  3. Eventhough I am not much into reading books, It is great to look at your collection of books 🙂

    1. Author

      I hope you find something here that will catch your interest and get you reading!

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