REVIEW: Halloween Hijinks by Kathi Daley

Halloween Hijinks by Kathi Daley

This was such a good book! I loved Zoe and her friends. There was a some scene setting and character introductions that went on a bit long but this is the first in the series so we need to know who is who.

The plot is that Zoe is active in her little town as the animal control officer and serves on various committees for fundraisers etc. I especially liked the parts of the plot involving overcrowded shelters and animal rescue. Really nice to see this issue as a major part of the book.

There is an old nemesis who may be a new love interest and her best friends from high school could possibly/maybe be more than friends. Zoe has an intriguing family history that will no doubt play out in the next books. The murder mystery was a little confusing but Kathi wrapped it all up in the end in a nice neat package. This plot ties into the plot for the #9 in the series.

This is a new series for me and I’m glad I picked it up. I like the characters and the town. Very well done and I have added the series to my to-read list!

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