mild Wednesday Goes to the Dogs

Wednesday is here again, Summer is over, fall has arrived and my boys are in the dog days/doldrums of reading.  Nothing is really taking their interest so I thought I would pull out some great books with a DOGS tie-in.

Calendar Mysteries: December Dog by Ron Roy

We have read, over & over, the A to Z Mystery books.  This is the next generation of that series aimed at the grade 1/4 and age 6/9 level.  The younger siblings of A to Z take over as lead characters.  In this one, the kids find a puppy on Christmas Eve.  Obviously, it’s a present for someone but the tag is ripped. Oh, no!!  The mystery is on as the kids scramble to find the puppy’s home before someone’s holiday i spoiled.  Super cute book, the kids are funny and well written.  The mystery is really sweet as the kids go all out to help the little puppy.  The drawings are top notch as we expect from John Steven Gurney-he also does the Bailey School Kids books.  If your kiddo is younger or a less experienced reader, I highly recommend these Stepping Stone books-they are perfect for “emerging readers”, which is a fancy way of saying:  written in easy words so the kids are encouraged to read instead of being frustrated.

Big Honey Dog Mysteries: Night of Flying Shadows by H. Y. Hanna

We were not familiar with the Big Honey Dog Mystery series.  This is a novella (55 pages) that can be read as a standalone without reading the series.  There are two books in the main series and 3 of these special Holiday editions.  We want to read all of them-this seems to be a great series for kids.  In this book, the mystery begins when a mysterious visitor arrives on Halloween night.  Honey the Great Dane and her canine sidekicks find themselves in a haunted forest…and something is stalking them!!  Spooky!! This is rated for 8 up grades 3/6.

Skippyjon Jones Snow What by Judy Schachner

This one is a bit of a cheat since it’s not technically about a dog.  But, oh, how we ADORE Skippyjon Jones!!  This is one of the best series for kids ever.  Skippyjon Jones is a Siamese Kitten who thinks he is a Chihuahua, much to the consternation of his mother and sisters!  The story unfolds in rhymes that just beg to be read aloud with lots of gestures & accents.   There is a frozen Ice Princess in this one that needs saving by the kiss of a Prince.  Will Skippyjon Jones save his poochitos by actually kissing her?!?!?!!?!!  Maybe I enjoy Skippyjon more than my kids, but that’s ok!  Snow What will be released October 21st for ages 3/5 but enjoyable for every age if you love kitties and puppies and rhyming and fun.  And don’t get me started on the illustrations-SUPER good!!

Kids “Otter” be reading and these doggies will make it easy for them to curl up with a book!!

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