REVIEW: Olympus Confidential by Robert B. Warren

Olympus Confidential by Robert B. Warren

This is book 2 of the Plato Jones series and will be released 11/6. Plato is a PI who solves various puzzling problems for the Gods of Olympus. The mystery in this book is that humans with superhuman powers are running amok and creating all kinds of trouble for the Gods. Plato is called in to figure it all out. There is literally a ton of great research into mythology in this book! All the little details really flesh out the Gods so they are more realistic as characters than merely omnipotent beings. Plato is a wonderful character that speaks & acts like a hard boiled detective. I liked this book and the only thing I could really complain about is the lack of a good review of the back story-this is book 2 and without reading book 1, I was totally lost for about the first 4 chapters. Once I figured out who was who and how the characters were connected it all made sort of sense. So definitely read book 1 before you pick up this one! I received a copy of the book-the review is my own opinion.

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