A Rogue’s Company (Sparks & Bainbridge #3) by Allison Montclair

4 big fat stars! This was so good and kept me guessing. Iris & Gwen have expanded their Right Sort Marriage Bureau and hired a secretary to help them in the office. All is well until Gwen’s father-in-law Lord Bainbridge returns from Africa. Let’s just say he’s not a nice person and threatens to send Gwen’s son away to boarding school. To add to that stress, the ladies have a new client that seems to be hiding a secret. Does he really want a wife or is there another game afoot? When a murder and a kidnapping ensue, the plot is truly thickened. A fast paced story that has enough twists and turns to keep you guessing. The character development is strong as we learn even more about Gwen and Iris. Secrets from the past are revealed and help from others has interesting consequences. I liked this one quite a bit more than book two and it was awesome. The author is really hitting her stride, can’t wait to get started on book four.

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