The Strangers on Montagu Street (Tradd Street #3) by Karen White

YES! Finally, this is the book I was waiting for from Karen White. The plot is tight, the characters are almost perfect (Charlene, I’m looking at you-why are you here?) The spooky stuff with the dollhouse is very creepy and I loved the whole storyline. In this one, Mellie is still kind of stupid but she is getting better. Jack’s daughter Nola is now staying with Melanie and does our Mellie really need a teenager to add to the mess of her life? No, she does not but, dang, she rises to the occasion and I liked her much more in this book. There are ghosts, secrets, evil and weird stuff happening. Add in Mellie & Jack and their will they/won’t they relationship and there is a lot going on in this book. Karen White weaves her tale very well; the new characters are interesting and the old favorites do their thing to move the plot along. A couple of things dragged on too long, Melanie was dumb in a few of the same ways and the ending was great but also odd. Three stars and definitely reading book four to see what happens next.

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