The Adventuress (Lady Emily #10) by Tasha Alexander

The worst entry in the series. So dull and boring, the publisher must have said it was time to turn in the manuscript, ready or not. It was not. In this one, Emily and all her friends head to Cannes, France to celebrate the engagement of Jeremy, Lord Bainbridge to an American heiress. Following the mysterious death of one of their party, Emily finds herself caught between Jeremy and his bride-to-be. Is she jealous of Amity, or is Amity hiding something? Her parents are absolute “American money” boors and I wanted to slap the mother several times. Cecile and Margaret are wasted here, drinking champagne and hovering in the background as the plot plods slowly along. There are alternating chapters from the Amity character point of view-adds nothing, nobody cares about this, just tell the main story. Tasha also gives us more of the usual running around talking to various people that goes nowhere and does nothing to advance the story. The ending is over the top and read more modern day thriller than Victorian era tale; although Queen Victoria herself makes a brief appearance that is too brief and was a wasted opportunity. 2 stars but I’m not giving up on the series, on to the next book.

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