The Dreaming Stars (Axiom #2) by Tim Pratt

Wow! Callie and crew crash her funeral. This is an old trope that actually works in this book. Her ex (after the shock of rumors of her demise…etc etc) and his family own a huge mega corporation that has ships missing. Missing in the same area of space that Lantern (friendly alien) has tagged as possibly connected to the Axiom (mean, bad aliens from book one). So, let’s go here and look around-it’s probably dangerous but also scary; yes, it wins for scariest space place ever. The action begins on page one and doesn’t stop til the end. There are some really cool things in the middle using the Hypnos devices. Character development-check. World building-check. Wrap up of plot/storyline-check. Tricky little thing at the end that was totally unexpected and awesome-double check. 4 stars and I’m on to book three. This is a great series.

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