The Night Agent by Matthew Quirk

3 stars. Good story told in a dramatic and overwrought manner! If you can hang on through the soap opera style of writing, it’s not bad and had a couple of good twists that surprised me. Peter is an FBI agent assigned to man an emergency phone in the White House. It’s a boring assignment since the phone rarely rings. The backstory is that his late father was an FBI agent as well as a Russian spy! Peter keeps his head down and tries to do a good job, all while knowing every other person he works with thinks he must be as bad as his dad. When the emergency line actually gets a call, Peter is thrust into an espionage nightmare that will only end if he exposes a spy ring or they kill him first. So, a decent read that would be perfect for the beach-suspend your disbelief and go with the flow! I have been told the Netflix series based on this book is also very good.

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