The Old Lion by Jeff Shaara

Dee-lightful! Enjoyable fictionalization of the historic life and times of Teddy Roosevelt. The book brought him to life in a way a dry biography just can’t. I enjoyed the book and the way all the parts of TR’s life were explored as if the reader was a fly on the wall, eavesdropping as things happened. If you are a TR fan and have read every other book out there about him, this may be raking over old ground for you. If, however, a big fat biography book is too much for you, this book is perfect. You can take each section and get a great overview of TR, his family, his career(s) and how he fits into history. It does read like a novel and has so many details that draw you into the story which you suddenly remember is actually true. TR really did do all those things; the author didn’t have to make up or embellish anything because TR was just that awesome! Really a well done book that is accessible to all reading levels and it is extremely entertaining-what more can a reader ask? I was given a copy and this is my opinion.

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