SUPER SERIES ALERT!!! Cobwebs and Curiosities Series by Ravyn Amara

What would we do without fun, paranormal, cozy mysteries? I absolutely love them and this little series is really good. I read the first one earlier this year (I’ll paste my thoughts down below this post or you can do a quick search from the search bars at the top and right of this page). That one was called A Ghostly Beginning and it was so good I couldn’t believe it was a Kindle Unlimited! It was funny, well plotted and the characters were really well done. There are three more in the series and do I need to tell you that I binge read them? That is the only ding against this series-they are novellas not full books. I hope we get a full-length novel sometime but I am well content with the novellas, they are all very good and ‘otterly’ recommended!!

The plots of all four are basically the same but very readable. Holly can see and interact with ghosts. There is a dog and a possible romantic sub plot. Each book has a different object & ghost with something for Holly to solve or figure out so they can move on. Underlying that is Holly and her family; some secrets are revealed as the series progresses and Holly learns more about herself and her ‘powers’. Get all four on your Kindle-right now they are on Unlimited so $0.00 but of course VERIFY BEFORE YOU BUY as things can change.

Here is my previous review for book one:

Four solid stars for this one. A short book that gives us Holly and her ability to see ghosts attached to items in her antique store and one of the ghosts convinces Holly to help find her murderer. We’ve all read this before but this little book was something else. It’s definitely a formula book but it’s one that actually works. I’ve said it many times-if you can actually write, then the formula don’t matter! Ravyn Amara (maybe a pen name? for someone else?) can write. The plot moves right along, it is tight with no fluff. The character list is short with everyone playing their part. The mystery was interesting and the paranormal stuff with the ghost worked and fit the plot. There is also an awesome dog!! My only dings are that it’s technically more of a novella than a real book; I would have enjoyed spending more time in this world with these characters. The other problem was technical: page counts were wonky, formatting was off in places but that is more of the ongoing Kindle issues on Amazon/Kindle Unlimited. Overall, I enjoyed this book and will definitely be on the lookout for more in the series as they come out.

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