Driving the Deep by Suzanne Palmer

4 great big fat stars! One of the best sci-fi books I’ve ever read. Fergus is back as our favorite space repo man. In this one, he goes to Earth to finally return his cousins motorcycle. Of course, there is a wrinkle or several. When he opens his storage locker he is attacked and the twists in the book get twist-ier. Fergus learns his friends back near Pluto have also been attacked and are missing. The well plotted story leads him to Enceladus, a moon of Saturn, where Fergus goes undercover as a freight hauler in the ocean under the ice. There are scientific research stations down there and huge substations to support them and the residents. Literally, habitats under the ice. It sounds so weird but it is so good. The world building and creating this setup is mind boggling. The setting is dark, mysterious, claustrophobic, and super scary-it’s dark down there under miles of thick ice, on a moon, far away from our sun; who or what else could be down there? Who is a friend, who is an enemy and what does the cat have to do with it all? Will Fergus find his friends, will they all die, does he find the motorcycle, will there be aliens, and can this book be any more awesome? My cat thought I was crazy as things happened in the book and I shot right up out of my chair, “oh, no, look out!” and “go faster!” My favorite kind of a book because it drew me in so far that I was actually in the book with the characters. As soon as I finished I turned to the cat and said “well, I’m never going to Saturn”. (Yes, dear reader, this is the type of thing he puts up with!) Great book, even if you’ve somehow managed to skip book one, they are standalone but better with the backstory. Onward to book three.

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