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Hello, dear readers!! We have decided to take our vacation a bit early this summer. Technical issues have me tearing my hair out so, I give up! I’m headed to the sun and sand while somebody more tech savvy than me gets some mysterious computery website thingy up and running. I know books-not how this blog magic happens.

Now, let me whet your appetite for some of the ‘Otterly’ awesome books I’ll be reading and sharing with you once we are back:

First Chapter Friday-I have 3 cozy series I am very excited about. The Baker Street series by Valerie Burns, the Miss Morton series by Catherine Lloyd and the Counterfeit Lady series by Victoria Thompson. The descriptions all look so good, I feel like they will be hard to stop after one chapter.

President James A. Garfield gets a new comprehensive biography being released this month. I’m elbow deep in it and it is wonderful, I can’t wait to share this one with you.

Just released in May is book 16 in the Domestic Diva series-The Diva Delivers on a Promise from Krista Davis. Fans of the series will be delighted with this one. I’m always amazed when these series get so many books-how do the authors keep it fresh and interesting for the reader? I don’t know but Krista Davis is a master and I had a blast reading this one.

I’ll also give you a fun look at some TEA themed cozy mysteries. I love a big mug of tea, a few cookies, and a good book. Sadly I don’t have a ‘tea shoppe’ near me, the best I can do is Panera Bread. (Now that would be a fun cozy mystery: Pastry Pandemonium at Panera LOL) But, I have a few ‘Steeped’ titles that were cute and well done so stand by for those.

That’s it other than a couple of roundup type posts and maybe a few best of/worst of lists. July will be a bit disjointed, I’m afraid, but we shall persevere and get back on track.

I’m also very excited to be working on a new kind of post with books for the younger readers. It will be an overview for the elementary, middle grade, and YA groups that are also great gift ideas. Gift ideas?!!? Yes, the holidays are creeping ever closer with tons of theme books being released. Plus, there are so many fun and spooky Halloween books coming out this fall…but that’s a tale for another day! Enjoy your summer, dear readers-see you soon!!

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