The Diva Delivers on a Promise by Krista Davis

3 stars for Domestic Diva series book 16. Yes, dear reader, Sophie Winston is back in another excellent cozy mystery. I honesty don’t know how Krista Davis keeps up the high quality of this series when we have all seen so many others falter and disappear. Kudos, Krista, please keep writing them-I promise to keep reading them.

In this one, Sophie is organizing a convention for Ghost Kitchens (sadly not real ghosts, although that would be an awesome book-somebody write that down!). In our age of the aftermath of COVID, ghost kitchens are apparently the wave of the future-who knew? I learned some things from our Sophie this time out, as I do in every book. There is a murder (of course) and Sophie must juggle the investigation, the convention, and Natasha being her usual interfering and oblivious self while Mars, Daisy, and Nina come along for every hilarious and hair raising bit of the ride. The murderer fooled me again, I had no idea until the wrap up.

Fans of the series will love it and newbies will be up to speed with who is who very easily. I had a late night barreling through this one and recommend you get a copy as quickly as you can.

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