Holmes on the Range by Steve Hockensmith

Are you a fan of WESTERNS? How about SHERLOCK HOLMES? Readers are in luck as the excellent Holmes on the Range series is being re-released with brand new, awesome cover art.

The Amlingmeyer brothers (Old Red/Gustav and Big Red/Otto) are cowboys with a twist-Gustav can’t read but he has embraced the Sherlock Holmes stories read to him by brother Otto. When they encounter murder and mayhem (as one does in the old, wild west), Gustav provides the brains and crime solving acumen with Otto doing the heavy lifting. I have read this series before and it is very well plotted, the stories move right along and are very focused. If you think it’s a clue, it probably is; there is very little fluff or filler nonsense added.

What you will get in BOOK ONE is an engrossing locked door murder mystery at a mysterious cattle ranch. Sherlock is worked into the story perfectly as Gustav uses his methods to work out who done it and why. There is lots of appropriate violence, cattle stampedes, and fun characters that do their part to drive the plot to a very satisfying conclusion. I highly recommend this series.

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