Interesting mystery set in 2016. A severed hand is found near Sandringham while HM Queen Elizabeth and Prince P are in residence for the Christmas holidays. Rozie (isn’t she wonderful!) is up to the taskContinue Reading

2 stars. The writing is haunting, lyrical, and poignant-all those buzz words that describe a great writer doing a great job; I love the way Jayne Anne Phillips constructs her sentences. But the actual storyContinue Reading

Before Murderbot, there was City of Bones. Martha Wells gives the reader a 4 star fantasy epic that will have you turning pages far into the night. Khat is hired to find relics of theContinue Reading

The MOST FUN BOOK your kids will read this year!! Zombies Zombies Zombies!! This book is a fun and interesting take on the zombie trope with an original twist. Regina, Joule and Oliver do theContinue Reading

3 stars-just released in paperback last month. This was an ok paranormal cozy. The plot is twin sisters Tabby & Sage own a candle shop and have psychic powers and a very mean customer isContinue Reading