Snuffed Out by Valona Jones

3 stars-just released in paperback last month. This was an ok paranormal cozy. The plot is twin sisters Tabby & Sage own a candle shop and have psychic powers and a very mean customer is murdered, twins try to solve crime, reveal secrets about themselves, the end. Basic and we’ve all read it before. I had high hopes for Snuffed Out because TWINS & CANDLES,but sadly, the cover was the best part!

The first part of the first chapter was really good as we got a quick intro to Tabby and the candle shop but then it fell apart. The plot moved slowly and characters weren’t developed enough to have it all make sense. The sisters are supposed to be 30 years old but they act like teenagers-so much drama. The Tabby character was better than Sage. I found Sage to be secretive and sneaky with no plot reason or backstory to support the way she acted-I disliked her character so much that I was hoping the plot would take a turn and she would be the next victim!

Cover art in cozies is a world all unto its own and this is one of the best. The black cat and the candle with the hint of magic really drew me in and made me want to try the book. But, dear reader, I was bamboozled again! The cat on the cover is the only magic cat we get. This review was written a couple of weeks after I read the book and I had to dig out my copy to make sure I was remembering the lack of cats-I wasn’t even sure there were cats in the plot until I double checked the book! There are two ‘shop cats’ but they are more like regular cats and didn’t do much for me plot wise. I felt like the author had a story idea and her agent said, ‘hey paranormal cozy with cats is really hot right now’ so she threw in a couple of cats. I was disappointed and left wanting more magic kitties!

This is apparently the first book by Valona Jones and it shows. The second book in the series is slated for release next month and I will be giving it a try. Maybe she can tighten up the story and flesh out the characters because this has the bones of a really good series.

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