I’m Afraid You’ve Got Dragons by Peter S. Beagle

3 big fat stars! Entertaining. Deceptive book that seems to be a little story about dragons but is actually about following your secret dreams to find your own true reality. Peter S. Beagle has given readers another masterpiece of storytelling. Highly recommended.

So good-it’s Peter S. Beagle so you know it’s going to be excellent. The plot is Robert is now the dragon exterminator. The twist? He likes dragons and dreams of being a prince’s valet. Ok, that is quite a twist! There are dragons of all shapes, sizes, and attitudes. The tropes are here as well: dragon hunter, princess, etc. But it’s not that kind of story. The plot rolls along and things happen and we have introspection but not in a boring ooh let’s take a moment to reflect on how this made me ‘feel’. It is entertaining right up until the end and then you realize you did feel something; and learned something about chasing your own dreams, too. High expectations for a book about dragons-good thing it’s written by Peter S. Beagle because he totally pulls it off. I love to read books by authors that know what they are doing and this is a great example. There’s no floundering around setting up the plot, or too much back story, or overly detailed character description fluff or extra padding like the author is being paid by the word! If you loved The Last Unicorn, you will love this one. I was given a copy-this is my own opinion.

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