First Chapter Friday!!! I love this weekly post-I get to read the first chapter of various books, and give you my thoughts. I’ve found two great books that your kids “OTTER” be reading!!  Inspirational booksContinue Reading

Need some ideas for books for your 8-12 year old? You’re in the right place as I’ve read the first chapter in three YA/middle-grade books this week:   My first book up for First ChapterContinue Reading

The elementary school book sale flyer!  I remember we got them on Friday so we could take all weekend to look them over and pester our parents to let us place a HUGE order.  Oh,Continue Reading

The first back to school week is over!  My kids need to chill out and enjoy the weekend and I’ll bet yours do as well.  How about something for the kiddos to read while theyContinue Reading

    Is there anything better than a good cozy mystery?  Especially a funny one with goofy people and lots of animals? I just finished Pall in the Family by Dawn Eastman, the first inContinue Reading