Funday Friday

The first back to school week is over!  My kids need to chill out and enjoy the weekend and I’ll bet yours do as well.  How about something for the kiddos to read while they are sitting around dreading Monday:

 Galaxy’s Most Wanted by John Kloepfer

Aliens invade and it’s up to the science camp nerds to save the world!  This book just came out in July  and is by the author of the hilarious Zombie Chasers series.  Looks like tons of fun for the 8-12 age range; not just boys, Kloepfer gives the girls a reason to read with a super smart, multi talented female character!

Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods by Rick Riordan

Percy Jackson is always a favorite around here.  Great characters, interesting stories with tons of historical details.  Greek Gods was just released last week and is already getting lots of attention from the kiddos.  This one is more of a history than a stand alone story as the character of Percy Jackson tells the stories of the Greek Gods.  Lots of humor as Poseidon’s son gives his take on how it all began.  I can see this one being purchased in hardcover just for the illustrations!  Lovely book.

A Kid’s Guide to Awesome Duct Tape Projects from

AWESOME, indeed!  Duct tape can fix anything and a kid with a supply of duct tape and a rainy weekend will no doubt be able to take over the world!  This is a hardcover must-have book that is entertaining for the whole family.  Released on August 5th, so your kids can be the first to show off these cool projects!

Grab a book and enjoy the weekend!!  Remember to join us next week for Mystery Monday and more great books you “Otter” be reading!!

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