Take a Bite Tuesday

It’s not all Cozy Mysteries around here; we do put our books down long enough to eat like we mean business!!  I have several cookbooks on my Amazon wish list including these three that are being released this month. They look so good-I may have to treat myself to some early Christmas gifts!


by Laura D.A. Pazzaglia

Can I just say how much I LOVE pressure cooking?  One of my best birthday gifts ever, was a pressure cooker-don’t say ‘awww, poor girl’; say ‘wow, he sure knew what he was doing!’  Seriously, when my kids were little I didn’t have time to do much more than take something out of the freezer, throw it in the pressure cooker, feed the baby and boom-supper was on the table.

I have long since moved up to an electric/digital model instead of the old hop up & down stove top cooker but even with the higher cost up front, I still save TONS of time and money in the kitchen.

Now, as to this beautiful new cookbook!  Laura has a fabulous website that I have been using for ages to get recipes, tips and techniques for pressure cooking.  The cookbook takes all the best from the website and more, and puts it in one gorgeous book.

This book is perfect for new & experienced pressure cooker cooks.  The recipes etc. cover the older models and the newer digital setups.  Combine book and website for more than you ever thought you would want to know about the ins & outs of utilizing the best tool in your kitchen to make fast, flavorful meals.  Top of the must-read list for this one!!  Will be released TODAY and is available on Amazon if you want the Kindle version.



by the Pillsbury Editors


You already know I love fast & easy in the kitchen-with kids around, there’s no waiting for a gourmet meal!  Pillsbury dough in all its forms has been in my fridge forever and this huge cookbook gives the reader even more ways to use refrigerated dough to feed the family.

200 recipes/100 photos from appetizers to desserts and everything in between including GLUTEN FREE! We all enjoy a new twist on old favorites-I would almost buy this book for the Crunchy Monkey Bars recipe alone!  That sounds so good I want to make it first.  Release day for this one is September 16th.



by the Editors of Martha Stewart Living


Well, this cookbook is one I put on my wish list, took off my wish list, then put back on.  Why the indecision?  Because I always think Martha Stewart will be too hard, too involved, too many ingredients etc etc.  Then I got a look at it and I think it may be a pretty good resource.  The 120 recipes are organized by cooking vessel-skillet, slow cooker or what not.  So you can just dip in for the exact preparation you need and move on.  I always tweak recipes anyway so if I get this one and it has too many weird spices or KALE I’ll just leave that out!  This will be released on 9/23.


Just thinking about all these cookbooks has made me hungry; instead of cooking, I’m spending the rest of the evening with a plate of cookies, a cup of tea and a cozy mystery.  Join me tomorrow for more great books you “Otter” be reading!!

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