The Wrong Stars by Tim Pratt

Great story! Callie and her spaceship crew find the wreckage of an old, old, like 500 year old, space ship. They wake up the cryo-sleeping xenobiologist who seems to be the only survivor. Her first words are to tell them her ship had made first alien contact. Uh, hate to break it to you, Elena, but we did that centuries ago/centuries after you left Earth. So, at that point I figured this was another journey through space with quirky characters trying to make a buck off old technology. Second one I’ve read this month. But, then, it took a turn. The aliens Elena met are NOT the alien allies humans have been dealing with-these are new aliens. New aliens with technology, weapons and secrets that could destroy humanity, all humanity, in every corner of the galaxy. Whoa,this book got really good, really fast. It was a fast read, the characters were indeed quirky. There was mystery, violence, humans, augmented humans, robot drone things, and aliens of all types. Some creepy alien stuff and lots and lots of very possible science-y stuff that made perfect sense within the plot. Very good book and I have book two on hold at the library. 4 stars for this one.

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