Fatal, But Festive by Maggie Shayne

Three stars for book two of the Fatal Series. In this one, Kiley has moved back to her ‘haunted’ house. She is ready for a do-over on the adulting thing and wants to prove to herself she can make it on her own. Yeah, guess how that works out?! As she struggles to figure out her relationship with Jack, ghostly things ensue-of course they do. There is everything in this book: haunted possessions, actual possession, twins, ghosts, the Scooby gang, and a secret from the past that is a major plot point. Ooh, this sounds good and it is good. The plot is tighter than the first book. The ‘gang’ is fleshed out more so we learn about them and why they are in the book. One weird change that is glossed over quickly but makes sense as the book goes along. Kiley and Jack are still a fun couple as they navigate their own feelings and the new friends/team as a couple. Shayne cut most of the romance crap and almost all of the cussing. The paranormal things were good, some creepier than others. The ending was wild and over the top but in a good way. This was a much better book than the first one and the first one wasn’t bad. There is one more in the series (as of today) and I have it on hold at the library. More of a novella length so I would definitely prefer a longer book with these characters. There were several formatting and punctuation errors as well as a couple of weird sentence fragments which should have been caught in editing but easy enough to skip over. Overall, a three star little book that I enjoyed.

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