Florida Roadkill by Tim Dorsey

4 stars. This was the wackiest, most violent, drug addled book I have ever read. Imagine Hiaasen on LSD writing an episode of Miami Vice; this book is nothing like that but it is also exactly like that. The weird is off the charts but it’s okay because it’s Florida, weird is the norm. Serge and his friend Coleman are insane psycho killers after five million in drug cartel money. That is the basic plot but it is told in scenes of different characters and events that eventually (after a wild ride from Canaveral to Key West) come together and make perfect sense. Well, if you are able to keep up with who is who and how they all fit together, it makes sense. I enjoyed the ride; there were drugs, guns, sex, murder after murder in inventive ways, NASA, a deep lesson in Florida history, and also baseball as the Marlins take the 1997 World Series-trust me, this is a big plot point. So, something for everyone.

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