And Don’t F&%k It Up by Maria Elena Fernandez

Drag is not dangerous. Drag is art that allows creative expression of deeply personal emotions and situations. I’m a huge fan of RuPaul’s Drag Race and this book is really good. Behind the scenes of each of the first ten seasons-sort of a running commentary as it all went down. This book is perfect for the fans and a good intro for newbies. The good, the bad, the ugly, and the controversies are discussed, disputed and argued about. There is so much joy in here and some sad memories-RIP Chi Chi. When you see the show on TV you have no idea what was really going on. Some things (and Queens) are left out or only quickly mentioned. I would have liked more depth in those parts because I’m nosy and I want to know ALL the details! But, where the book shines is in the personal stories and how these wonderful people came to drag and how it changed their lives. What draws someone to this particular art form instead of say sculpting or quilting? Everyone has a different story and how it weaves together is awesome. I would like to add: no matter how you feel about drag (and in our current 2023 environment of exclusion and divisiveness, your opinion and mine may differ widely), this is a book worth reading. Try to keep an open mind as you read and I hope your life is enriched. I was given a copy and this is my own opinion. 4 stars.

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