The Scavenger Door by Suzanne Palmer

4 stars for this wild ride and a solid wrap up to the trilogy. In this one, Fergus is on Earth getting to know his sister when he stumbles upon an alien artifact that could destroy, well, everything. As he scrambles around in his usual inept but effective way, the plot unfolds like a blockbuster movie. Lots of action and running around Earthside and in space. Amusing hi-jinks as usual as the story brings in friends old and new to help Fergus find and reassemble the artifact. This is the weakest of the series and is still a better space opera than 95% of them out there. The ending to the book and the trilogy was good and made sense. I hope we get more books, if not of Fergus, at least in this universe. Don’t miss the author notes at the end and set yourself a reminder to read anything Suzanne Palmer writes.

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