Jayne Thorne, CIA Librarian Series by Joss Walker

2 stars. I wanted to love the series but it was a hard slog to the end. The setup was cool-Jayne is an actual librarian recruited by a secret CIA team that battles secret societies with paranormal entities trying to take over the world and send us all back to the dark ages. She has some awesome super powers that are revealed more and more as the series goes along. All this connects to her parents and the twists and turns were promising. The problems I had were the characters were really uninteresting and the plot dragged. No detail was overlooked, every thought she has, every bite of pie, every person she talks to, it went on and on. And Jayne is surely a marvel: for a university librarian/bookworm thrust into a world of magic and mayhem, Jayne sure finds her feet quickly and takes charge. Why are these people listening to her? She is a brat. The sister had reasons for everything she ever did to protect Jayne but wow, she sure got up to speed very quickly on the magic, etc. The romances were awkward and the magic wasn’t anything we haven’t seen before. I was glad when the book (and series) was over.

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