Murder in the Cookbook Nook by Ellery Adms

Fun cozy with a bookish twist-7th in the series. Jane is the “Guardian” of Storyton Hall resort which is hosting a reality cooking show which will inevitably end in murder. I’ve read a couple of this series and they are solid, well plotted, with great characters that leap off the page. Very realistic-Jane etc all behave and react like real people…well, real people that are the mystical ‘guardians’ of rare books with security backgrounds and cool technology. Don’t let that deter you because it all makes sense within the story. As the series has progressed Jane’s boys are growing up so she is balancing her Storyton Hall responsibilities with her mom things. Just like real life sometimes it’s a struggle! Ellery Adams is a wonderful writer that takes the murder at the cook-off trope and gives it a bit of a spin with some plot twists that will keep readers on their toes! Very enjoyable and when it is all wrapped up I had learned a few things; not whodunit because I am always just as surprised as the characters! 3 stars.

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