Judgment Prey by John Sandford

4 stars. Fantastic entry in the series as US Marshal Lucas Davenport teams up with Minnesota BCA investigator Virgil Flowers in a twisty-turny and action packed thrill ride that will have readers up all night turning the pages. Lucas is ‘almost’ recovered from the shooting in the last book. He is asked to take a look at a triple homicide involving a judge and his sons that is being investigated by local law enforcement and the FBI. Virgil tags along and bam, we are off on an engrossing story that has red herrings and tricky criminals everywhere.

The plot is well written as we are drawn deeper into the plot-which suddenly turns upside down. Maggie, the judge’s widow, has some secrets that could be tied to not just the murders but to a major subplot involving a charitable foundation.

Who did it and why are really secondary to watching Lucas and Virgil do their thing; I doubt real life investigations are actually conducted like this but I bet they talk to each other like this. So much fun and very enjoyable!

This is book 33 of the series and I think it’s one of the best. I was worried when Sandford started the Lettie Davenport books that Lucas and Virgil would get pushed aside. I was WRONG! No skimping anywhere in this one as the reader is treated to an author that knows what he is doing with characters that are so good, I almost think (stay with me here), that there is a real life Virgil that helps write the books…maybe this is how 33 books in and it still feels fresh. Hmmm, I’ve had crazier ideas so, who knows?! Nah, Sandford is just this good.

I was given a copy and this is my opinion: it’s so good I would have gladly paid for it. 4 stars and you ‘otter’ be reading this book!

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