The Andromeda’s Crew by Becca Fox

2 stars. Book 3 in the Andromeda Chronicle’s series by Becca Fox. I wanted to like the book because the blurb was so intriguing. You do get what is promised in the little summary but I was mostly lost-I should have started at book 1. Fans of the series will enjoy how things play out for the characters; I didn’t have enough backgrounding from the other books to care about them and how they worked their way through the plot. Let me say, too, that the plot has EVERYTHING: aliens, cyborgs, drugs, cool tech, and romance. Parts were really good but most of it was only for those who have read the rest of the series and know who is who and what is going on. I do like the way Becca Fox writes and how she does her world building and characters. Those parts were well done enough that I will see what else she has written and check it out. Sadly, while Andromeda isn’t the series for me; it might be right for you. I was given a copy-this is my opinion.

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