Super Series Alert: Tangled in Magic and Charmed and Dangerous. Books 9 & 10 in the Crystal Beach Series by Karen McSpade

This is a fun series! Book 9 is Tangled in Magic and it continues the intriguing story of Sidney and her cats in Crystal Beach. Mysterious happenings as Sidney’s dad is still a murder suspect but another disappearance may hold the key to keeping him out of jail. Ghostly appearances and magical dilemmas keep Sidney on her toes. The reader also needs to be on their toes-this was one of the best in the series with tons of magic, character development, surprises (and drama!) packed inside a very readable plot. What in the world is the secret of Mystic Dunes? I am so involved in these novellas-I want to know all the details of everybody and every secret! Karen McSpade does NOT disappoint as she keeps the story moving with a shocking clue that will lead into book 10.

Oh my days was this good!  Sidney gathers ALL her friends & family together to fight the evil coven.  Can they figure out all the mysterious things and save Crystal Beach?  Of course!  Events from the past collide with the present as Sidney must accept help from enemies and ghosts! to save everyone.  The magic is cool and the relationships are very natural and well written.  Mojo the cat is awesome, as usual.  I like this series and even though it may have wrapped up with this novella, maybe we will see more from the characters in a future book.  Karen McSpade is a very talented writer and I recommend you get all her books-definitely on the ‘OTTER’ read list. 

I was given copies of these books-this is my own opinion.

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