The Bone Hacker by Kathy Reichs

3 stars.  Great for fans as the inimitable Dr. Brennan heads to the tropics.  Turks & Caicos are paradise with benefits:  danger, death, murder, mystery.  You get it, the usual crap she deals with as, apparently, the only forensic anthropologist in the world.  This story (book 22!) is even more convoluted and hard to follow than usual.  A body in Montreal is connected to something in the islands.  There is a local cop that insists on flying to Montreal only to immediately entice Tempe into heading back to the islands to do her forensic ‘thing’; and then some dangerous mysterious stuff happens and I was totally lost.  It was a long slog to the end and I guess it got wrapped up but the drama was so over the top.  I’m sorry, dear reader, I know we all love Kathy Reichs and Tempe but this one read like a bad tv movie.  Ah, well, there will be more in the series with two scheduled for publication next year (2024).  So, this one was ok and most likely was just my lack of focus rather than the plot…or maybe this is just a weak entry in the series.  

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