Toxic Prey (Lucas Davenport #34) by John Sandford

2 skinny little sad stars 🙁  Not my cup of tea. Disjointed and overwrought.  Two dimensional, uninteresting characters that do routine and dumb things-MI5 agent doesn’t know how to use a pistol and must be told to point & shoot?!? The subject matter is harrowing and this could have been a thrill ride but for me, it just fell flat.  Lucas & Letty were weird and not quite the focus of the plot as I expected.  The way they interacted was odd and neither of them were written the way they usually are.  No control of the situation or getting things figured out.  No dry cop humor.  Just a flat story that took a long time to get to the very anticipated and totally telegraphed ending.   I hate to say it but this is the worst John Sandford novel I’ve ever read!  He must have had something else going on that he couldn’t quite commit to writing this one.  Oh, well, everyone has an off day (or book!) there will be more and we know he will be back up to his normal level of excellence.  I hereby give you permission to skip this entry in the series and go read something (anything) else!!   I was given a copy to review but I was disappointed.

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