The House on Tradd Street by Karen White

Let’s call this review “Why Did I Wait So Long To Read This Book?”

I checked this book out of the library four times before I actually got past the first few pages and finished it. Not sure why, just not the right head space for it or something. But, be that as it may-I finished it this time and wow, was it good! This is the first in a 7 part series and I really liked it.

Melanie, a realtor in Charleston, inherits a house. OK, we’ve all read this book before! But the twists to the same old formula keep coming: She hates historic homes, this home is way historic. Melanie sees & hears ghosts, house is full of them. Not a fan of dogs, house comes with a dog. Dating life is nonexistent, 2 (yep 2) dishy guys are involved. I mean, just when I thought Karen White couldn’t throw anything else into the plot-her dad shows up and there are deep secrets with her mom, Melanie has interestingly goofy friends and coworkers; seriously, how good is this book.

Very enjoyable, the plot kept moving along as the story is told. If I had to nitpick (and I do!) Melanie has some issues that involve being dumb at the wrong times-I figured out most of the story just by figuring out the things she was being dumb about.

Several things dragged on way too long but overall I really enjoyed the book. It held my interest, there were some super spooky paranormal things and some not so spooky paranormal things. As we got to the end and the revealing of old secrets, there were some sweet little things to make your heart happy at how it all wrapped up. I have put the next in the series on hold at the library.

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