I Hate Waiting! Books I Can’t Read Yet…

Today I am starting a new post topic that will go up every month. I’m calling it I WANT IT NOW. So, let me go into excruciating detail about this whole thing!

Do you remember Varuca Salt from Willy Wonka? She wanted everything NOW NOW NOW. That’s how I am with books; I see a cover and just want want want it–must have it right now. Sadly (and no doubt for my own good) I don’t always get what I want. I usually get what I need, but that’s another song!

Now, dear reader, I have told you about my book sources: publishers, authors, library etc. Most of the time, I get books from 1-6 months in advance of publication. Yes, I already have books lined up for NEXT FEBRUARY 2024!! Isn’t reading awesome!! The delay lets authors & publishers finalize book details like covers and proofreading. It also lets bloggers and reviewers get into the mix and start ‘buzzing’ about the book. It’s all ten tons of fun and I just L O V E it–the entire process!

Love it until I find a book that falls into the dreaded ‘other’ category. OTHER books are unavailable in advance. Usually it’s that I didn’t get chosen to get a copy. Or the publisher isn’t doing advance copies this time around. Sometimes super popular authors and celebrities have such a huge fan base there is no need to give out copies because the books literally sell themselves. Basically for whatever reason, I couldn’t get my grubby little ‘otter’ paws on a copy before publication day. So I am in line at the library and waiting IMPATIENTLY to get these books.

Dragging myself back to my topic of the new I WANT IT NOW category…even though I can’t give you an advance look at them, these books are ones I think you ‘otter’ enjoy. So each month I’ll tell you about a few that are coming out soon so you can pre-order or reserve at your library.

The three books I want to jibber jabber about today look super good. First up is Death by a Thousand Sips, Witches’ Brew Mystery #2 by Gretchen Rue. I read the first one in this series earlier this summer and it was really good. Phoebe inherits a mansion, a bookstore, and tea shop. She also solves murders in the smallish town of Raven Creek–typical cozy mystery. Do I need to mention she has magical powers related to the tea shop and an awesome cat named BOB? It’s a COZY, of course she does! The plot of book two is a body at an estate sale? Hands up if you HAVEN’T found a body at an estate sale–come on, cozy readers live for this stuff and I can’t wait for my turn (2nd in line!) at the library to read this one!!

The other two are COOKBOOKS. Let’s try not to think about the holidays that are right around the corner; but here we are. We need to be prepared with something new and fun on the menu. Family is a LOT of work, dear reader and these cookbooks will help us make things delicious (hopefully!).

Lord Honey: Traditional Southern Recipes with a Country Bling Twist from Chef Jason Smith. This publishes August 28, 2023. You know and love Jason from Food Network. He is a Kentuckian and talks and cooks like I do–with an accent and lots of southern style phrases. He is so fun to watch on TV and I just know his recipes will be tasty. Check your library website to place a hold–mine is still not showing it so I’m not in line yet; pre-ordering at your favorite bookseller is always an option.

Baking Yesteryear by B. Dylan Hollis was released July 25, 2023 and is one of those juggernaut books that just POW, instant bestseller and classic. I adore this guy-he is so fun to watch on the TikTok and YouTube videos. We have made several of his recipes and they are always good. I’ve found that if he likes it (and makes that surprised face)–I will like it. I can’t wait to get this book, I’m 55th in line so I will give you my thoughts at some point in the future!

There we have it, dear reader, and thank you for reading this far! I do tend to get a bit long-winded when I start yapping about books! But, this has been a long explanation of a new blog feature and a short look at some great books. I will post my thoughts when I get to actually read them and next month I’ll give you a (much shorter!) look at some of the September & October books I missed out on. Hey, we ‘otter’ go read a book right now!!

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