Devil’s Gun by Cat Rambo

Great story that continues from book one, You Sexy Thing. Here we find Niko and the gang running a pop-up restaurant in space-AGAIN while searching for Petalia-AGAIN. Oh, and also trying to take down nasty space pirate, Tubal Last-AGAIN.

It is a bit of a retread of book one with nothing resolved and not much development in characters or moving the overall plot of the series along. Thorn is still a dick and missing Talon-this drags on far too long with the expected result that we all saw coming. Meanwhile Atlanta and the ship are finding their own identities-also overwrought and dragged on. There are two mysterious passengers that may be able to manipulate ancient technology which could be the key to everyone getting what they want or getting very dead. It’s a toss up.

I liked the book but felt like it was a ‘placer’ book to get all the characters in place and ready for a big finish in book three. Very readable and if you liked book one, this one is fine just slow paced and nothing much going on. I was given a copy and my own opinion is that fans will like it-newbies should just skip it and wait for book 3. Will be released TOMORROW-8/29/23

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